IS-IS and IPv6 LLA next-hop - just Arista, or everyone?

aaron1 at aaron1 at
Tue May 4 17:16:16 UTC 2021

I did an L3VPN over SRv6 test recently using IS-IS as the IGP.  I thought it was quite cool that I didn't configure any IPv6 addressing at all in the core... simply enabled v6 on interfaces and allowed FE80 LL's to run... IS-IS neighbored up... then added a mp-ibgp v6 loopback (rfc 4193) to the PE's and let BGP neighbor up... L3VPN worked over SRv6 (of course with all that weird (new) locator magic).

But, point is, LL FE80's worked nice.

Yeah, less attack surface... I always say, you can't attack what you can't reach


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