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Does this include the ability to do something like an OOB/serial console,
cabled into DWDM transport systems management interfaces, to 'admin down'
the line facing optical interfaces on routes that go across the Russian
border? How exactly is this "TSPU" implemented?

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> On 2021-07-29 20:46, Randy Bush wrote:
> >> Looks like it did shown on news only.
> >
> > :)
> >
> > i wondered
> They have installed devices called "TSPU" on major operators.
> Isolation of specific networks is done without changing BGP
> announcements, obviously.
> And the drills do not mean at all "we will turn off the Internet for all
> the clients and see what happens", journalists trivialized it.
> Most likely, they checked the autonomous functioning of specific
> infrastructurally important networks connected to the Internet,
> isolating only them.
> It's not so bad idea in general, if someone find another significant bug
> in common software, to be able to isolate important networks from the
> internet at the click of a button and buy time for patching systems.
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