Anycast but for egress

Mark Tinka mark at
Tue Jul 27 19:56:42 UTC 2021

On 7/27/21 20:48, Bill Woodcock wrote:

> In practice, that means that services are bound to a common shared address (an “anycast service address”) as those services are deployed on servers in different locations.  The service address is advertised into the BGP routing infrastructure.  Clients send packets to the service address, and the BGP routing infrastructure routes each packet on the shortest path to its destination, without knowing that there are multiple destinations.

We use our IGP (IS-IS) for our Anycast services. We find it to be very 
basic, and as such, very predictable.

Of course, if you don't run your own AS for the services you provide, or 
operate your own backbone, this is probably not a viable option.


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