1G/10G BaseT switch recommendation

Brandon Martin lists.nanog at monmotha.net
Mon Jul 26 13:05:40 UTC 2021

On 7/22/21 2:46 PM, Drew Weaver wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I’m looking for recommendations from the community on 48x10G RJ45/4-6 
> SFP28 (uplink ports) switches that people actually like working with.
> Features are VPC or non-vendor specific equivalent, L2/L3 BGP/OSPFv3, 
> ACLs, functional CoPP and some sort of API to manage them. [the CLI 
> would work, my lib can handle most Networking OS CLIs anyway]
> My problem point is coming from the RJ45 requirement, most vendors have 
> one switch that they sell that is RJ45 at 10G or at the most one in each 
> line (enterprise/datacenter) and they seem to be almost an afterthought. 
> [probably because SFP28 is better in every way if you are already using 
> fiber at the endpoint] sadly, we are not.
> I just want to make sure I am not excluding any vendors from my research.
> I appreciate any suggestions or recommendations. Can even keep it 
> off-list if you want.

Arista 7160-48TC6 gets pretty close to your requirements, I think.  It 
has 48x10GBASE-T ports + 6xQSFP28 100GBASE-R.  The QSFP28 support 
breakout with SR4 or PLR4 optics AFAIK , so you can use them for 25GbE 
if you prefer.

You'll need the FLX-LITE license to officially get access to the layer 3 
features IIRC.
Brandon Martin

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