Global Akamai Outage

Mark Tinka mark at
Mon Jul 26 12:42:07 UTC 2021

On 7/26/21 14:20, Lukas Tribus wrote:

> Some specific failure scenarios are currently being addressed, but
> this doesn't make monitoring optional:
> rpki-client 7.1 emits a new per VRP attribute: expires, which makes it
> possible for RTR servers to stop considering outdated VRP's:
> stayrtr (a gortr fork), will consider this attribute in the future:

I was just about to cite these two as improving this particular issue in 
upcoming releases.

I am running RPKI-Client + StayRTR, alongside Fort, and yes, while 
monitoring should be standard, improvements in the validation and RTR 
objectives will also go a long way in mitigating these issues.

What's quickly happening in this space is that not all validators and 
RTR servers are going to made equal. There are a number of options 
currently available (both deprecated and current), but I expect that we 
may settle on just a handful, as experience increases. And in what 
remains, I anticipate that they will be bolstered to consider these very 


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