Is Verizon core network broken? Can someone reach out to Verizon core network team so that they can look into why so many networks are missing?

S Umple sumple at
Wed Jul 21 15:35:35 UTC 2021


I've been a new Verizon residential FIOS user since May and the mysterious
connectivity issues at home lead me to a bit of hunting. From what I can
tell, the Verizon network as a whole effectively blocks or filters
following major networks. The same networks are mostly reachable from AT&T
LTE networks and major cloud computing providers.

Below is a comparison of 'show ip route' of a VZ router and a routeviews

<VZ INET router># is variably subnetted, 2835 subnets, 14 masks <empty> is variably subnetted, 3 subnets, 2 masks> is variably subnetted, 3247 subnets, 19 masks is variably subnetted, 2571 subnets, 18 masks is variably subnetted, 113 subnets, 5 masks

Anyone able to validate my findings, and/or take this issue to higher VZ

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