100G, input errors and/or transceiver issues

Graham Johnston johnston.grahamj at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 16:28:16 UTC 2021

Good day,

Over the last two years, organizations that I've worked with have upgraded
equipment and now make regular use of 100G port speeds. To provide a frame
of reference on use cases, the organizations that I've worked for make use
of 100G speeds within their own data centers, in carrier neutral data
centers, and lease 100G transport from larger carriers; they don't
currently operate their own 100G coherent/long-haul networks.

   - How commonly do other operators experience input errors with 100G
   - How often do you find that you have to change a transceiver out?
   Either for errors or another reason.
   - Do we collectively expect this to improve as 100G becomes more common
   and production volumes increase in the future?

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