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Wed Jul 14 19:59:27 UTC 2021

State of Routing and RPKI Introduction

*Our May 20 NANOG U Webinar featured Melchior Aelmans, Consulting Engineer
at Juniper Networks, with a talk on State of Routing Security and RPKI

*Agenda:* Join Melchior Aelmans, Consulting Engineer at Juniper Networks,
as he explores State of Routing Security and RPKI Introduction.

   - Current state of BGP Routing Security
   - What it does and where it fails
   - Introduce RPKI Origin Validation
   - Touch on what is after Origin Validation

*Speaker: *Melchior Aelmans, Consulting Engineer at Juniper Networks

Melchior is a Consulting Engineer at Juniper Networks, where he has been
working with many operators on the design and evolution of their networks.
He has over 15 years of experience in various operations and engineering
positions with Cloud Providers, Data Centers and Service Providers.
Melchior enjoys evangelizing and discussing routing protocols, routing
security, internet routing and peering and datacenter architectures. He
also participates in IETF and RIPE, is a regular attendee and presenter at
conferences and meetings, is a member of the NANOG Program Committee and is
a board member at the NLNOG foundation.

State of Routing Security and RPKI Introduction (pdf)


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