[FYI] Call for Presentations for the virtual European Peering Forum 2021

Arnold Nipper arnold at nipper.de
Tue Jul 13 13:02:44 UTC 2021

Dear all

This is a call for Presentations for the virtual European Peering Forum 2021

AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, Netnod are happy to host the virtual European
Peering Forum (EPF) 2021 from the 20th - 22th September 2021.
The event will welcome peering managers and coordinators from networks
connected to the host Internet exchanges.

Besides some interesting topical agenda, the three-day event
accommodates room for attendees to meet virtually on a one-to-one basis
to discuss bilateral peering business opportunities.

The programme committee will be looking for presentations related to
peering and technical topics of interconnection. Your presentation should

* Interconnection Automation
* Regional Peering
* Interconnection / Peering Internet Governance and Regulatory Topics
* Economic and Product Trends
* Peering / Interconnection strategies
* Interesting findings about Peering / Interconnection
* 400GE and beyond
* Any other hot topic related to Interconnection / Peering


Presentations must be of a non-commercial nature. Product or
marketing-heavy talks are strongly discouraged.

Submissions of presentations should be made to the programme
committee <epf-pc at peering-forum.eu>. Please include:

* Author's name and e-mail address
* Presentation title
* Abstract
* Slides (if available)
* Time requested (max. 30 minutes incl. Q&A)


Please send in your presentation asap. We decide on a first come first
serve basis. The latest date for submission is July 30th.

More information about the event and other activities around the virtual
EPF 2021 may be found at

* https://peering-forum.eu/

* https://www.facebook.com/groups/1586607564933665/

Keep calm, keep distance, keep connected!

Arnold Nipper
email: arnold at nipper.de
mobile: +49 172 2650958

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