SITR/SHAKEN implementation in effect today (June 30 2021)

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No, the root of the problem is the telcos making billions on these
robocalls. Make that illegal, start fining them billions (whatever it
takes), and it will stop.

We've already had this discussion on nanog, recently, and people who
were in that business stood up to affirm that yes indeed-y they're
(telcos) making big buck$ on these robocalls.

If you doubt that (the usual "I don't actually know a thing about it
but I want to say here that I'd rather not live in a world where
that's true so I'll make some vague analogy to email spam etc") I
suggest you start making thousands of phone calls per hour and tell us
how it works out.

Telcos aren't email systems, they know every phone call terminating
and originating on their systems and they do detail billing. When was
the last time you made even one billable call and they missed it?

Telcos have often been described as vast detailed billing systems with
a voice (etc) feature attached.

But they sure are taking advantage of the public's belief that this is
all somehow out of their control. Nope.

On July 9, 2021 at 16:44 kmedcalf at (Keith Medcalf) wrote:
 > >On Friday, 9 July, 2021 16:32, K. Scott Helms wrote:
 > >Robocalls really aren't a product of the legacy PSTN.  Today almost none
 > >of them originate from anywhere but VOIP.  Now, you can certainly say
 > >that if SS7 had robust authentication mechanisms that we could then trust
 > >caller ID (more) but there's no sign of us abandoning the PSTN anytime
 > >soon.  Having said that, there's any number of protocols we rely on today
 > >that have the exact same gap.  BGP is arguably even worse than SS7.
 > The root of the problem is that the "Caller ID" is not a "Caller ID".  If there were a requirement for "truth in advertizing" it would properly be called the "Caller Advertizement" because it is primarily intended as an advertizement by the caller, and not an ID of the caller.
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