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Bryan Fields Bryan at
Tue Jul 6 16:00:14 UTC 2021

On 7/6/21 10:41 AM, Steve Saner wrote:
> I hope this isn't too far off topic for this list.
> We acquired a small ISP a couple years ago that has its roots in the "local
> ISPs" of the 90s. This ISP is still hosting email and web services for
> customers both on company domains as well as customer domains. There is
> some decent revenue coming from these services, but cost of maintenance is
> becoming a challenge. We are looking at migrating to another platform or
> completely discontinuing those services.

Question, what platform(s) are you running now?  What must you provide for
email, SMTP, IMAP, webmail, groupware, etc?  Do you have any intention of
growing this?

For the websites, what do they need?  Are you running any old PHP 3/4 stuff?
You can setup a control panel, but if you're not running one now, and you're
not going to expand it, why not just cap it until it becomes unprofitable?

I'm a proponent of hosting my own email, it's not that hard and any ISP should
be able to do it.

Bryan Fields

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