Layer 2 based anycast - Kind like GLBP - Research

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Thu Jul 1 19:46:04 UTC 2021

tor. 1. jul. 2021 21.06 skrev William Herrin <bill at>:

> From what I understand of EVPN, it's about creating something
> equivalent to VLANs across a distributed virtual server
> infrastructure. Basically like what Amazon does under the hood for its
> virtual private cloud. Since you're trying to get the machines to
> appear on the same subnet, not separate them to different subnets, I
> don't think it's what you're looking for.

EVPN creates a virtual layer 2 domain, aka a vlan, that can span the
internet or be used on a plain old layer 2 switch. It uses vxlan or mpls
tunnels and BGP to coordinate. EVPN has support for multiple active/active
exits, something almost like lacp. There can be load balancing using layer
3 headers as key, which might be exactly what OP is looking for.

EVPN elimates layer 2 flooding by keeping a database of MAC addresses in
BGP. Otherwise it behaves exactly like a vlan with extra features.

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