FCC March meeting: Notice of Inquiry: EAS alerts through the Internet

Sean Donelan sean at donelan.com
Wed Feb 24 20:55:00 UTC 2021

In response to the recently passed READI Act, the Federal Communications 
Commission agenda for its March meeting includes the following notice of 


The NDAA21 directs the Commission, within 180 days, to adopt rules to 
implement Section 9201 (a)-(d) and to complete an inquiry under Section 
9201(e). The FCC is required to report to Congress on the findings of the 
inquiry within 90 days after its completion.

What the Notice of Inquiry Would Do:

• Seek comment on whether it is technically feasible to deliver EAS alerts 
through the Internet, including through streaming services.

• Seek comment on whether and how to leverage the capabilities of the 
Internet to enhance the alerting capabilities of the radio and television 
broadcasters, cable systems, satellite radio and television providers, and 
wireline video providers that currently participate in EAS.

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