Famous operational issues

Eric Kuhnke eric.kuhnke at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 23:17:20 UTC 2021

I would be more interested in seeing someone who HASN'T crashed a Cisco
6500/7600, particularly one with a long uptime, by typing in a supposedly
harmless 'show' command.

On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 2:26 PM Justin Streiner <streinerj at gmail.com> wrote:

> An interesting sub-thread to this could be:
> Have you ever unintentionally crashed a device by running a perfectly
> innocuous command?
> 1. Crashed a 6500/Sup2 by typing "show ip dhcp binding".
> 2. "clear interface XXX" on a Nexus 7K triggered a cascading/undocument
> Sev1 bug that caused two linecards to crash and reload, and take down about
> two dozen buildings on campus at the .edu where I used to work.
> 3. For those that ever had the misfortune of using early versions of the
> "bcc" command shell* on Bay Networks routers, which was intended to make
> the CLI make look and feel more like a Cisco router, you have my
> condolences.  One would reasonably expect "delete ?" to respond with a list
> of valid arguments for that command.  Instead, it deleted, well...
> everything, and prompted an on-site restore/reboot.
> BCC originally stood for "Bay Command Console", but we joked that it
> really stood for "Blatant Cisco Clone".
> On Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 2:37 PM John Kristoff <jtk at dataplane.org> wrote:
>> Friends,
>> I'd like to start a thread about the most famous and widespread Internet
>> operational issues, outages or implementation incompatibilities you
>> have seen.
>> Which examples would make up your top three?
>> To get things started, I'd suggest the AS 7007 event is perhaps  the
>> most notorious and likely to top many lists including mine.  So if
>> that is one for you I'm asking for just two more.
>> I'm particularly interested in this as the first step in developing a
>> future NANOG session.  I'd be particularly interested in any issues
>> that also identify key individuals that might still be around and
>> interested in participating in a retrospective.  I already have someone
>> that is willing to talk about AS 7007, which shouldn't be hard to guess
>> who.
>> Thanks in advance for your suggestions,
>> John
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