LOAs for Cross Connects - Something like PeeringDB for XC

Douglas Fischer fischerdouglas at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 14:19:12 UTC 2021

I believe that almost everyone in here knows that LOAs for Cross Connects
in Datacenters and Telecom Rooms can be a pain...

I don't know if I'm suggesting something that already exists.
Or even if I'm suggesting something that could be unpopular for some reason.

But every time I need to deal with some Cross-Connect LOA, and mostly
when we face some rework on data mistakes, I dream with a "PeeringDB for
Cross Connects".

So, this mail is a question and also a suggestion.

There is something like an "online notary's office" exclusive for
Cross-Connect LOAs?
 - Somewhere Organizations can register information authorizing connections
of Port on their Places (Cages, Racks, etc)...

If it doesn't exist. What would be necessary for that?
Mostly considering the PeeringDB work model.
 - OpenSource.
 - Free access to the tool, and sponsors to keep the project alive.
 - API driven, with some Web-gui.
And considering some data-modeling.
 - Most of the data being Open/Public (Organizations,
Facilities(Datacenters and/or Telecom-Rooms), Presence on Facilities, etc).
 - Access control to Information that can not be public (A-side
organization, Z-Side Organization, PathPanel/Port).
And some workflow
 - Cross Connect Requiremento/Authorization from A-Side
 - Acceptance/Authorization from Z-side.
 - Acceptance/Authorization from Facilities involved (could be more than
 - Execution/Activation notice from Facilities.

Douglas Fernando Fischer
Engº de Controle e Automação
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