Famous operational issues

tim at pelican.org tim at pelican.org
Mon Feb 22 12:02:28 UTC 2021

On Thursday, 18 February, 2021 22:37, "Warren Kumari" <warren at kumari.net> said:

> 4: Not too long after I started doing networking (and for the same small
> ISP in Yonkers), I'm flying off to install a new customer. I (of course)
> think that I'm hot stuff because I'm going to do the install, configure the
> router, whee, look at me! Anyway, I don't want to check a bag, and so I
> stuff the Cisco 2501 in a carryon bag, along with tools, etc (this was all
> pre-9/11!). I'm going through security and the TSA[0] person opens my bag
> and pulls the router out. "What's this?!" he asks. I politely tell him that
> it's a router. He says it's not. I'm still thinking that I'm the new
> hotness, and so I tell him in a somewhat condescending way that it is, and
> I know what I'm talking about. He tells me that it's not a router, and is
> starting to get annoyed. I explain using my "talking to a 5 year old" voice
> that it most certainly is a router. He tells me that lying to airport
> security is a federal offense, and starts looming at me. I adjust my
> attitude and start explaining that it's like a computer and makes the
> Internet work. He gruffly hands me back the router, I put it in my bag and
> scurry away. As I do so, I hear him telling his colleague that it wasn't a
> router, and that he certainly knows what a router is, because he does
> woodwork...

Here in the UK we avoid that issue by pronouncing the packet-shifter as "rooter", and only the wood-working tool as "rowter" :)

Of course, it raises a different set of problems when talking to the Australians...


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