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IPv4 as a Service such as 464XLAT, will allow them to use less IPv4 public addresses than CGNAT, less costly equipment (or open source) and still provide dual-stack inside the customers networks.


There is nothing from Internet that will not work. I’ve many deployments based on this, and this is the transition mechanism that have more millions of customers, even if compared with all the others together.








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Because then a large part of the Internet won't work....


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Why not go whole hog and provide IPv4 as a service? That way you are not waiting for your customers to turn up IPv6 to take the load off your NAT box.


Yes, you can do it dual stack but you have waited so long you may as well miss that step along the deployment path.


Mark Andrews

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We are starting to look at CGNAT solutions. The primary motivation at the moment is to extend current IPv4 resources, but IPv6 migration is also a factor.


We've been in touch with A10. Just wondering if there are some alternative vendors that anyone would recommend. We'd probably be looking at a solution to support 5k to 15k customers and bandwidth up to around 30-40 gig as a starting point. A solution that is as transparent to user experience as possible is a priority.




Steve Saner


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