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Do you remember the Cisco HDCI connectors? 

I once shipped a Cisco 4500 plus some cables to a remote data center and asked the local guys to cable them for me.
With Cisco you could check the cable type and if they were properly attached. They were not.

I asked for a check and the local guy confirmed me three times that the cables were properly plugged. 
At the end I gave up, and took the 3 hour drive to the datacenter to check myself.

Problem was that, while the casing of the connector is asymmetrical, the pins inside are symmetrical.
And the local guy was quite strong.

Yes, he managed to plug in the cables 180° flipped, bending the case, but he got them in.
He was quite embarrassed when I fixed the cabling problem in 10 seconds.

That must have been 1995 or so....


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> Which examples would make up your top three?

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