Famous operational issues

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Did you at least hire the janitor?

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On 2/19/21 00:37, Warren Kumari wrote:

5: Another one. In the early 2000s I was working for a dot-com boom company. We are building out our first datacenter, and I'm installing a pair of Cisco 7206s in 811 10th Ave. These will run basically the entire company, we have some transit, we have some peering to configure, we have an AS, etc. I'm going to be configuring all of this; clearly I'm a router-god...
Anyway, while I'm getting things configured, this janitor comes past, wheeling a garbage bin. He stops outside the cage and says "Whatcha doin'?". I go into this long explanation of how these "routers" <point> will connect to "the Internet" <wave hands in a big circle> to allow my "servers" <gesture at big black boxes with blinking lights> to talk to other "computers" <typing motion> on "the Internet" <again with the waving of the hands>. He pauses for a second, and says "'K. So, you doing a full iBGP mesh, or confeds?". I really hadn't intended to be a condescending ass, but I think of that every time I realize I might be assuming something about someone based on thier attire/job/etc.

:-), cute.

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