Texas internet connectivity declining due to blackouts

Brandon Svec bsvec at teamonesolutions.com
Tue Feb 16 17:27:26 UTC 2021

Mismanagement and poor planning are primarily to blame.  One can't just
blame the weather.  We know weather will be bad and have extreme
variations.  I am sure Texas politicians are considering what they could
have done better right now..
*Brandon *

On Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 8:53 AM John Von Essen <john at essenz.com> wrote:

> I just assumed most people in Texas have heat pumps- AC in the summer and
> minimal heating in the winter when needed. When the entire state gets a
> deep freeze, everybody is running those heat pumps non-stop, and the
> generation capacity simply wasn’t there. i.e. coal or natural gas plants
> have some turbines offline, etc.,. in the winter because historically power
> use is much much less. The odd thing is its been days now, those plants
> should be able to ramp back up to capacity - but clearly they haven’t.
> Blaming this on wind turbines is BS. In fact, if it weren’t for so many
> people in Texas with grid-tie solar systems, the situation would be even
> worse.
> And of course, the real issue is Texas’ closed grid - any other state
> could pull in more power from neighbors.
> -John
> On Feb 15, 2021, at 11:34 PM, Cory Sell via NANOG <nanog at nanog.org> wrote:
> Ercot has already released actual documentation of the outputs. Wind is
> NOT the biggest loss here. Even if wind was operating at 100% capacity,
> we’d be in the same boat due to gas and fossil fuel-related generation
> being decimated. Estimated 4GW lost for wind doesn’t make up for the 30GW+
> estimated being lost from fossil fuels.
> I only interject because people are already pointing their fingers at
> renewables being the cause here and trying to pawn off the blame to
> wind/solar to further their agendas to reduce renewable energy R&D and
> adoption. Sure, wind isn’t perfect, but looks like solution relied on
> failed in a massive way.
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> On Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 10:17 PM, Robert Jacobs <rjacobs at pslightwave.com>
> wrote:
> How about letting us Texans have more natural gas power plants or even let
> the gas be delivered to the plants we have so they can provide more power
> in an emergency. Did not help that 20% of our power is now wind which of
> course in an ice storm like we are having is shut off... Lots of issues and
> plenty of politics involved here..
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> On 2/16/21 04:14, Sean Donelan wrote:
> >
> > Poweroutage.us posted a terrific map, showing the jurisdictional
> > borders of the Texas power outages versus the storm related power
> > outages elsewhere in the country.
> >
> > https://twitter.com/PowerOutage_us/status/1361493394070118402
> >
> >
> > Sometimes infrastructure planning failures are not due to "natural
> > hazards."
> I suppose having some kind of home backup solution wouldn't be too bad
> right now, even though you may still not get access to services. But at
> least, you can brew some coffee, and charge your pulse oximetre.
> Mark.
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