Infomart Dallas is on generator

Matt Erculiani merculiani at
Tue Feb 16 16:22:57 UTC 2021

This should not come as a surprise. It's not uncommon for Texas DCs to do
this in the Summer to reduce load on the grid during very hot days. They
are often notified a few days in advance and compensated for it beyond fuel
cost and equipment wear & tear. With all the hubbub lately, they knew this
was coming.

It serves 2 purposes: A, a data center can basically be paid to run on
generators, and B, they can control when and how gracefully they transfer
load (can give generators the opportunity to warm up, a luxury they seldom
have) because they may end up losing utility at some point regardless.

- Matt

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> Equinix DA-2 reported loads transferred 3-4 a.m.
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> Hopefully the other 400mw in Dallas follow their lead.
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> I have now heard from two reliable sources that Infomart Dallas is
> presently on generator, and is likely to remain so until the cold
> weather/electrical supply emergency in Texas has abated. No network impact
> seen yet.

Matt Erculiani
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