Texas internet connectivity declining due to blackouts

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The problems with renewables is that you can't switch on or off and there is no good storage solution.

However, the issue in Texas is probably exposed power cables. In Europe they are buried and we have far milder weather than the States.

Anyone wants to provide some details on where the system has faltered? It is transmission? Or generation? Or just everything in general? 😃

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Ercot has already released actual documentation of the outputs. Wind is NOT the biggest loss here. Even if wind was operating at 100% capacity, we’d be in the same boat due to gas and fossil fuel-related generation being decimated. Estimated 4GW lost for wind doesn’t make up for the 30GW+ estimated being lost from fossil fuels.

I only interject because people are already pointing their fingers at renewables being the cause here and trying to pawn off the blame to wind/solar to further their agendas to reduce renewable energy R&D and adoption. Sure, wind isn’t perfect, but looks like solution relied on failed in a massive way.

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How about letting us Texans have more natural gas power plants or even let the gas be delivered to the plants we have so they can provide more power in an emergency. Did not help that 20% of our power is now wind which of course in an ice storm like we are having is shut off... Lots of issues and plenty of politics involved here..

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On 2/16/21 04:14, Sean Donelan wrote:
> Poweroutage.us posted a terrific map, showing the jurisdictional
> borders of the Texas power outages versus the storm related power
> outages elsewhere in the country.
> https://twitter.com/PowerOutage_us/status/1361493394070118402
> Sometimes infrastructure planning failures are not due to "natural
> hazards."

I suppose having some kind of home backup solution wouldn't be too bad right now, even though you may still not get access to services. But at least, you can brew some coffee, and charge your pulse oximetre.


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