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Tue Feb 16 01:45:54 UTC 2021

In my humble but correct opinion one of the things which sabotages
these efforts is an aversion to any solution which doesn't feel like
it would work quickly and decisively (ask Bezos to offer a discount to
anyone using IPv6 to order on Amazon???)

I remember back in ~2003 on the Anti-Spam Research Group some
interesting ideas* being shot down because that would take ten years
to deploy! 2003.

And here we are about 25 years into IPv6 still looking for that silver

What might be more useful would be forming some sort of group with the
understanding that they might produce a ten year or longer timeline of
steps which might more fully deploy IPv6.

* In all honesty they weren't all that interesting. But for example
"we need to respecify SMTP to stop spam!" had a half-life of about 60
minutes dying on the rebuttal that even if you did that it would take
TEN YEARS to get wide adoption of an SMTP replacement. I never saw how
such proposals would help with spam but ok perhaps they were
discouraged by the rebuts.

        -Barry Shein

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