DoD IP Space

Mark Tinka mark at
Sun Feb 14 20:29:02 UTC 2021

On 2/14/21 21:56, Randy Bush wrote:

> hint: that idea is from the late '90s.  the next bright idea for what
> would help ipv6 take over the internet was 3gpp.  it's been a long line
> of things which would make ipv6 take off.  and at least ten million
> messages on mailing lists such as this.  and the adoption rate has
> crawled up slowly; the first derivative remaining fairly flat.
> of course, if you measure it at the right place, it can have steep
> points.  when goog tured it up for youtube, the proportion of their v6
> traffic went up nicely; no surprise.  but when i want to measure a real
> rate of change, i like a mid-stream sample at some isps' borders or ixp,
> away from eyeballs or eye candy.
> if we all spent as much time deploying, or helping others deploy as
> opposed to screaming at them that they must do it asap, we might get
> that first derivative up a wee bit.  but i fear that, at this point,
> patience is what is most useful.

Like I was saying to someone privately, by pr0n I really meant whatever 
app or service makes the most sense at the time. It could be gaming, it 
could be Clubhouse, it could a crossword puzzle. Something, anything. We 
know how to build online services that ordinary people see value in. 
Extending that to have it delivered mostly over IPv6 is not a huge leap, 
if all sides understood that the impetus was to promote IPv6 adoption.

But yes, short of that, patience is the only hope.


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