DoD IP Space

Randy Bush randy at
Fri Feb 12 04:41:07 UTC 2021

>> i must say i am impressed that the ipv6 must be deployed now and it
>> solves it all religion is still being shouted from the street corner
>> 25 years on.  it is as if the shouters think they will convince any
>> body or change anything.  folk will deploy X when they perceive that
>> the cost:benefit is in X's favor.  and 25 years on, we are not
>> changing people's perceptions.  it's only been a quarter of a
>> century; have some patience.
> We'll carry on.
> Those who want to join will join, when they join.

iij joined in '97.  and helped others who asked.  but i'm from the rainy
pacific northwest (of the states).  we don't try to push water uphill.


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