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Fri Feb 12 00:32:21 UTC 2021

> On 12 Feb 2021, at 10:25, Tim Howe <tim.h at> wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Feb 2021 09:05:51 +1100
> Mark Andrews <marka at> wrote:
>> Almost everything you buy today works with IPv6.  Even the crappy $50 home router does IPv6.
> 	You're testing very different gear than I am.  I have not found
> this to be true, and I look harder than most.
> 	I put every new CPE I come across, high-end and low-end,
> against our auto-config dual-stack setup to see how well they work with
> v6.  Our setup is fairly simple: dhcp v4, dhcp v6 with /56 PD
> I also test with static IP configs (/30 or /31 v4, /127 v6 with routed /56 or /48)
> devices seem to fall into many different categories:
>  * Just works.  I think I have fewer than 5 tested devices that land here.
>    Some of them only after I reported bugs and managed to get fixes
>    (these are my favorite vendors).
>  * almost just works; minor bugs that can be worked around if you research how
>  * works if configured a very specific way, but not without ISP cooperation
>  * can be made to work if you are an expert who will go past the normal interface.
>  * works when static, but requires extra help and knowledge to get working with
>    dynamic config or just doesn't
>  * allows you to configure it as if it would work, but doesn't;
>    sometimes works at first but fails over time (I do long-term stability testing).
>  * doesn't even pretend to work (even if the packaging claims support)
>  * doesn't work.  Doesn't claim to.  No plans to make it work.  Stop asking us.
> 	More surprising is that having a big name or being a no-name is
> no indication of what category you will fall into.  Juniper SRX needs
> a little help due to known bug, for example.  Another nice, big-name
> device starts by sending a malformed packet to my dhcpv6 server and
> just fails before getting out of the gate.  Ubiquiti ERx was a nice
> surprise as far as functionality and configurability, but no support in
> the GUI.
> 	Support is non-existent in SMX solutions even from the biggest
> names.  This is often a surprise to them when I point it out.
> 	I'm convinced most people claiming IPv6 support is common
> haven't actually tried it with many devices.  We support v6 one way or
> another on all our Internet services, but it has been a chore, to put it
> mildly.  CPE hasn't even been the biggest problem.
> —TimH

Well I’m glad you are testing so you don’t distribute garbage to your customers.
I wish more ISPs would do more of it.

There is also plenty of garbage on the IPv4 side as well.  

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