DoD IP Space

Mark Tinka mark at
Thu Feb 11 14:53:25 UTC 2021

On 2/11/21 16:29, Owen DeLong wrote:
> Ridiculous… TCP/IP was designed to be a peer to peer system where each endpoint was uniquely
> addressable whether reachable by policy or not.
> IPv6 restores that ability and RFC-1918 is a bandaid for an obsolete protocol.
> Stop making excuses and let’s fix the network.

What amazes me about the movies is that they never seem to have IP(v4) 
problems. But then again, listening to every keystroke being accompanied 
by a beeping sound, or feverishly typing on a keyboard in order to zoom 
into a photo when I generally move my mouse to do exactly that, doesn't 
necessarily inspire real world alignment. Ah well, it's the movies... 
one can depart one airport in a B737 and land at their destination in an 

Also, in the movies, IP(v4) addresses can begin with 260 and end in 314. 
And yet, somehow, every Internet user in the movies can be mapped to a 
person, on a desk, in their bedroom, in a house on their street.


In the real world, for us, I don't get why we are still fighting hard to 
keep IPv4 around. When I type on my keyboard, there is no corresponding 
beep with each key. Nor do I need to type 100 characters to zoom into a 
picture; I just use my mouse or trackpad. The movies which make the 
Internet and computers these weird objects actually rely on a working 
Internet to get produced and distributed.

Let's not normalize the sustenance of IPv4 in 2021, in the real world.


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