DoD IP Space

Mark Tinka mark at
Thu Feb 11 04:13:12 UTC 2021

On 2/10/21 19:50, Doug Barton wrote:

> I also reject the premise that any org, no matter how large, needs to 
> uniquely number every endpoint. When I was doing IPAM for a living, 
> not allowing the workstations in Tucson to talk to the printers in 
> Singapore was considered a feature.

Preventing communication exchange between devices does not have to be 
driven by their IP addressing.

> I even had one customer who wanted the printers to all have the same 
> (1918) IP address in every office because they had a lot of sales 
> people who traveled between offices who couldn't handle reconfiguring 
> every time they visited a new location. I thought it was a little too 
> precious personally, but the customer is always right.  :)

It's 2021 - Bonjour. You're welcome :-).


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