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> On Feb 10, 2021, at 12:59 PM, Matthew Petach <mpetach at netflight.com> wrote:
> It was mentioned in the chat this morning that 
> there was no link to slides or anything on the agenda 
> for the community meeting that happened this morning,
> so I offered to share the notes I was jotting down during 
> the meeting, to give an idea of what was covered for those 
> in timelines not as friendly to the meeting time, or to those 
> with conflicts.  ^_^;
> Thanks so much to the staff, Elizabeth, Steve, and Ed 
> for the great presentations this morning!
> Matt
> 2021.02.10 NANOG81 community meeting
> Speaker Edward McNair, NANOG
> Steve Feldman, ViacomCBS
> Elizabeth Culley, Comcast
> Michael Voity kicks off the meeting at 0901 hours Pacific time 
> to go over the agenda for the day.
> special announcements:
> fill out surveys!  The PC reads all of them!
> And if you're a lucky winner, you'll get a
> $100 gift card!
> Looking for presentation proposals for NANOG82!
> check out sponsors at virtual expo both;
> sponsors have stepped up to the challenge
> with interesting offerings.
> first talk today is hosted by edward mcnair, 
> with Elizabeth Culley and Steve Feldman.
> Ed Mcnair has been with nanog since 2005, and
> has been ED since 2018;
> Steve has been contributing to nanog since its
> inception since 1994, and has been involved with
> PC for the last 20 years.
> Elizabeth Culley is peering coordinator with
> comcast, and is completing her first year on
> the PC; this is her first time presenting to
> welcome edward, steve and elizabeth, it's
> great to have you here.
> Edward takes a few moments to give some updates
> on the organization;
> strategic plan narrowed to 3 areas;
> education,
> meeting experience,
> online collaboration,
> another piece built out is the strategic 
> timeline;
> encompasses from NANOG73 to NANOG 85.
> purpose is to see what we are aiming to
> achieve and what we will put forward.
> we always like to hear your comments,
> there is a feedback button that goes to
> NANOG staff, and he reads them all.
> Take a moment to honor the nanog staff;
> counting himself, there are 6.5 staff
> members, as Claudia works with them 
> halftime.
> Claudia, Leigh, Valerie, Shawn, Darrieux (Dee), and Brandi
> all work very hard to ensure that we can have
> a quality program.
> Our 2020 annual report will be coming out
> soon; to give a linear record of what we've
> accompished over the course of 2020;
> we'll do polls at the end of the section;
> log into the polls at pollEV.com/nanog
> Over to Steve feldman;
> at end of every NANOG, there is a Program commitee
> get together; after SF, decided to have retreat in 2020;
> planned to do it in Boston or Seattle; but then
> things changed, and they couldn't get together in person;
> so they had a virtual retreat, 2 days, dec 16 2020,
> and jan 13 2021 to go over various items.
> some of the items covered:
> PC structure
> new member onboarding
>  PC handbook update
>  mentorship
> leadership
>  review roles, responsibliities
>   need to document them better
> subcommittees
>  are we optiimizing our effort?
>  some don't seem to do much.
>  will add some new ones.
> diversity of skills and perspectives
>  need to get people who have different
>  industry perspectives.
> other topics at virutal retreat
> meeting format
>  how to do hybrid meetings
>  we optimize time for training and tutorial
>  we focus on human interaction; need to accomodate people 
>   in different timezones.
> talk solicitation and selection
>  attracting new speakers
>  expanding the audience
>  standardize voting
>  content review
> PC's strategic vision.
> Liz, chairing our data analysis effort;
> for past 20 years, we've been building a
> repository of tracks, tutorials, keynote speeches,
> lightning talks;
> we have a long history of hosting the voices of
> those building the internet.
> what comes up in NANOG is often in the leading edge
> of technology trends; 
> this effort will be to mine the repository,
> to help us keep up with the onslaught of demand.
> cataloging NANOG;
> we are recording the details of every presentation,
> tutoria and keynote;
> tagging each record with relevant metadata
>  provide intuitive web page of popular topics
>  porovide data to potential speakers on history of any topic
>   which topics are asked for most often
>   which videos are most viewed.
> use surveys and data on view counts to project
> topics that will be of most interest.
> looking at last 5 years of NANOG data;
> how many times this topic 
> 44 topics on DNS
> 40 requests for automation, but 26 talks on automation
> Geoff Huston comes up a lot
> look at how many times talks are viewed on youtube;
> 27K views of 44 DNS talks on youtube;
> 26 automation videos got 77K views.
> A lot of people would say they're experts in a field;
> how can they talk about their job when it's 100%
> proprietary, and they can't talk about their day
> job;
> take a look at the request counts, how many presentations
> we get, so even doing a 101 intro class is a great way to
> get your feet wet.
> 66% of presentations are on top 20 subjects.
> 115 categoreis in presentations and requests match
> the survey requests.
> if we watched all the talks and presentations, 8 hours
> a day, it woud take 8 weeks to watch the all
> 550 prsentations, 357 speakers, 218 organizations.
> 90% of speakers present 1 or 2 times.
> looking forward; want to give huge thanks to 
> Jeff Bartig, Anna Valsami, and Valerie Wittkop
> for doing the work to move it forwrd;
> and thank you to PC for creating the new data 
> analysis committee, and providing the sunlight 
> and support to make this a reality.
> we have 1300 recorded and tagged;
> we expect 2100 items; easy part is done, now we're
> getting into the hard part.
> Jeff Bartig wrote scripts to download from youtube;
> there's a lot of stuff in agendas that have to be gone
> through one at a time.
> in midst of the project; would love to hear from you;
> what else would you like to see?
> now, for polls--what topic would you like to see?
> and you can always put feedback in the web feedback
> form.
> Seems that Geoff Huston, IPv6, Automation, Cloud,
> Virtualization are hot topics!
> are you planning to attend minnapolis nanog82 in 
> person?  
> most are undecided or will attend virtually.
> most seem to lean to attending virtually.
> likewise for toronto, nanog83
> it looks like most people are waiting for vaccines to 
> be available before they will come.  So far, most 
> have not yet taken the vaccine, but also most are
> planning to take the vaccine once they are able to.
> Over to you, Michael;
> Thank you to Edward, Steve and Elizabeth for their time.
> Network Automation treasure hunt without a map is up next.

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