Problems with newish IP block assignment issues from ARIN

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Tue Feb 9 00:07:25 UTC 2021

On Mon, 8 Feb 2021, Justin Wilson (Lists) wrote:

> Folks,

> Have a gremlin we have been chasing around for several months now and 
> it’s becoming a major issue as we are getting tighter on IPV4 and 
> needing to give some provider assigned space back.
> In June we received a /22 from ARIN.  As is my workflow I started 
> announcing it but waited a month while I checked out the geolocation 
> databases for correct info, did testing ,etc. All this time our test 
> accounts could browse web-sites, etc.
> We put one of the pools into production and things ran good for awhile. 
> Then we started getting the occasional web-site was not working.  After 
> several of these we started assigning the customer an IP out of one of 
> our other ARIN blocks and the web-site would be fine and reachable. The 
> issue seems to reside just on this /22.  We have other blocks from ARIN 
> and they are just fine.  We can assign an IP out of this new block and 
> can’t reach certain web-sites.  We turn around and assign out of another 
> block and web-site works just fine.

Been there, and done that back in 2003.

Unfortunately, I've moved on from that job and don't have any of the code 
that I developed for not69box/69box (and AFAIK, the box itself is long 
gone), but you can get an idea from the above page what I did.  i.e. The 
two names resolved to an IP in 69.28.64/19 or an IP in 209.208/17.  One of 
the cooler (at least at the time) features was a dual-frame traceroute 
that visitors could run and watch the box traceroute to a destination from 
a each of it's IP's, thus showing where in the path their traceroute 
broke, if it did, from the "69 space".

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