Retalitory DDoS

Töma Gavrichenkov ximaera at
Mon Feb 8 15:05:12 UTC 2021


On Mon, Feb 8, 2021 at 2:48 PM Mike Hammett <nanog at> wrote:
> I got an e-mail explaining why I was getting DDoSed. Is that aspect common?

Not quite.  But it happens sometimes.

> Is it safe to assume that they completely anonymized the email they sent to me?

Likely, but not necessarily.  Look up the message headers.  Your
(accurate) description of their intelligence implies they might've
failed to anonymize that properly, or they might live in a country
that haven't signed extradiction treaties with the U.S. so they don't

> Is there anyone I should be reporting this to?

You're not required to, but you can report it to the FBI so that in
case those people finally get caught (criminals sometimes make
mistakes) their sentence would be a couple years longer.


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