Retalitory DDoS

Mike Hammett nanog at
Mon Feb 8 11:46:26 UTC 2021

Is there a club for people that have been DDoSed? If so, count me in. 

This one was directed at me (as opposed to one of my customers) because I got an e-mail explaining why I was getting DDoSed. Is that aspect common? 

There were also some racial and sexual accusations that were made that clearly aren't true and just speak to the intelligence of people like this. 

Is it safe to assume that they completely anonymized the email they sent to me? 

Is there anyone I should be reporting this to? 

I thought my site was running in Cloudflare, but my individual server was still attacked, so I gotta figure out where I screwed that up. 

Mike Hammett 
Intelligent Computing Solutions 

Midwest Internet Exchange 

The Brothers WISP 

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