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I couldn't put down Bill Norton's book.
When a cheapskate like me pays the $10, it means something.


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Subject: BGP / routing paper recommendations?
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Hi all,

I'm part of a paper reading club, and the group's interest has turned to 
BGP and Internet routing in general. As the only person in the group who 
even knows what an AS is, I've been tasked with finding interesting 
papers on the subject. Any papers or presentations that you found 
valuable or interesting?

My list, so far:

- ARTEMIS: Neutralizing BGP Hijacking Within a Minute 
- Securing BGP - A Literature Survey 
- Stable Internet routing without global coordination 
- A Survey on Approaches to Reduce BGP Interdomain Routing Convergence 
Delay on the Internet (

I would particularly appreciate papers that focus on the 
distributed-systems aspect of routing, such as convergence times, 
stability, and security. Happy to take responses off-list, will 
summarize in due time.

-- Casey Callendrello

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