Operational need for IP address space (Re: An update on the AfriNIC situation)

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Aug 31 18:23:49 UTC 2021

> Do we have parties who postulate their operational need based on entirely internal services, or services that live within virtual devices in a data center?   Sure…  and some of these are indeed legitimate and fulfilled per policy.  We also have folks who get creative and make similar requests for purposes of obtaining address blocks from ARIN – absent any bona fide networking need –for subsequent monetization and these reviewed, revoked, and can be referred to criminal fraud proceedings.   

Yes, but in the ARIN region, you have also made it very clear that if needs change, ARIN will not attempt to revoke or reclaim space based on that change in need.

> For those who need IP address blocks for their network operation, it’s really not complicated – you can call, email, or chat with the ARIN Helpdesk and we’ll work you through it.   I don’t know about the policy in the other region, but can state unequivocally that if you call with the need for IP address space for an actual operational networking situation, we’ll do our best to help you with your request and get it approved based on whatever the policies allow.   I can also say that if one's purported operational need for address space is "for reassignment to customers but completely absent any networking service”, then don’t bother applying to ARIN – the policies do not provide for issuance under such circumstances and have never in the ARIN region.

OTOH, a GRE tunnel is sufficient to qualify as “networking service” in the ARIN region, so all one needs is the tiniest of fig leaves in front of ones lease to make it work.


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