An update on the AfriNIC situation

Mark Tinka mark at
Tue Aug 31 05:14:37 UTC 2021

On 8/31/21 04:42, Tom Beecher wrote:

> It strikes me that ( without pointing at anyone in particular ) that 
> there's a bit of absolutism trending in this conversation.
> It's possible for many things in this list to be true.
> - It's possible that AFRINIC may have been following it's policies 
> accurately at the time of the initial allocations,and the current 
> leadership was overstepping their bounds trying to reclaim them.
> - It's possible that AFRINIC may NOT have been following it's own 
> policies at the time of the initial allocations, and the current 
> leadership is trying to correct those past mistakes.
> - It's possible that CI accurately represented information to AFRINIC.
> - It's possible that CI did not.
> - It's possible that CI has, at all times,been properly in compliance 
> with AFRNIC policies.
> - It's possible that CI has not.
> - It's possible that CI may been been following the letter, if not the 
> spirit of the policies.
> - It's possible that AFRINIC was intentionally delaying restoration of 
> the allocations after the court order.
> - It's possible that AFRINIC was a little slow to respond, waiting on 
> advice from legal counsel before taking action.
> I think we could mostly agree that while potentially frustrating ,such 
> things can and have happened in the past,and can and have been rectified.
> However, where I think we ALL should be able to agree is that CI's 
> garnishment action is exceptionally punitive and out of line.

I agree with this - which is why I am not spending any cycles arguing 
about whether the bylaws were side-stepped or not (there is already too 
much of that noise on the AFRINIC RPD list).

My main focus is that CI got AFRINIC to undo the revocation, but 
continued to go Pulp Fiction on them after that.

We all have some kind of work so we can put food on tables and feed our 
wives, husbands, children and extended families. In a period and time 
where work and income are hanging on by a thread, on a continent, no 
less, that has significantly less resources to go around compared to 
where CI come from and whom they employ, what this issue highlights is a 
pure example of where some corners of society are trying to place 
importance - money and things, instead of community and solving real 

It is disgusting.


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