An update on the AfriNIC situation

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> So yes, I continue to work for and support Lu in this capacity because in this case, I believe AFRINIC has overstepped its mandate
> If you believe, then we leave it at that. Its beliefs.

Sigh… I’m not sure why so many on your side get wrapped up in this word believe as if it is somehow exclusive to religion.

Pick whichever of the following leading works for you:

I am convinced that:
It is my opinion that:
The facts show that:
A plaintext reading of the AFRINIC governing documents shows that:
	AFRINIC has overstepped its mandate and acted contrary to its own policies and bylaws as they are written.

> AFRINIC has never approved IPv4 for the purpose of leasing them as some product in the manner in which your employer Larus/CIL does.

You continue to call Cloud Innovation my employer… They are my Client, not my employer.

AFRINIC approves IPv4 for the purpose of leasing every day. It’s what ISPs do. It’s the definition of an LIR.

Yes, most LIRs are also in the connectivity business and provide addresses (mostly/exclusively) to customers of their connectivity services.

However, there’s no such policy requirement in the AFRINIC governing documents.


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