Main electric transmission towers collapsed--New Orleans at 11% Internet connectivity

Sean Donelan sean at
Mon Aug 30 19:32:27 UTC 2021

Major wireless carriers have activated their open roaming agreements, 
allowing customers of competitors to connect to any working cell tower.
As usual in disasters, text messaging may work even when voice and 
data connections don't.

AT&T released the following statement:

"Hurricane Ida has caused significant impacts to our network in Louisiana 
from the massive power outages and storm damage. Our Louisiana wireless 
network is operating at 60% of normal and we have significant outages in 
New Orleans and Baton Rouge due to power outages, flooding and storm 
damage. We had key network facilities go offline overnight, and while some 
have already been restored, some facilities remain down and are 
inaccessible due to flooding and storm damage."

Still looking for statements from Verizon, T-Mobile, Cox (I think, I 
loose track of which merger covered which metro area).

I expect, if they haven't already, WiFi providers and cable systems will 
also be announcing open service for users in affected areas where their 
networks are still operating.

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