An update on the AfriNIC situation

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Mon Aug 30 15:08:41 UTC 2021

NANOG Mail list users,

This thread has had a few twists and turns, as well as ups and downs. So I am taking a moment on behalf of the admins to remind everyone here of the Usage Guidelines <>.

First and foremost - please report to admins at <mailto:admins at> a concern about violation of the guidelines. Using the list to argue about violations is not appropriate. 

Secondly - there have been entirely too many messages in this thread that are in violation of guideline number 6, specifically with comments that are defamatory, abusive, or lack respect for other participants. 

Finally - the NANOG mail list is not the place to conduct a trial. (See guidelines number 8.)

Should you have any questions/concerns about this reminder, please send a message to admins at <mailto:admins at> 

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