An update on the AfriNIC situation

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at
Mon Aug 30 14:58:26 UTC 2021

> You may not like Lu and/or his business model. I’m not a fan of his business model myself, but it is technically permitted under existing policy. If the community doesn’t like that fact, there is a process to change the policies. Terminating a member based on rules which don’t actually exist, on the other hand sets a very dangerous and corrupt precedent and is a threat to the trust we all want to have in the RIR system.

I have no problem with business models I don't like, I just don't do
business with companies that use those. But this particular scumbag
went far beyond that. The net is a living organism, with an immune
system as well; if T-cells and lymphocytes are unable to deal with a
threat, natural killers come along.


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