An update on the AfriNIC situation

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at
Mon Aug 30 01:10:34 UTC 2021

> %s/isolate/move/g functions. That equates to a leadership change. It may be too soon to suggest that ICANN has any role other than risk analysis and coordination of mitigation. I'm not even certain if that's their role seeing how complicated the relationships between the RIR's and ICANN is.  I've seen good summaries including John Currans and Milton Muellers. I've been leaning towards Milton's view. He didn't pardon Afrinic, but he also didn't suggest it's time to fold up shop there.
> A fight over crumbs: The Afrinic Crisis

The problem with Milton's POV is that he is willing to pick and choose
which AfriNIC policies he likes and which he doesn't; this is not how
it works.
That community decided the policies, and it's our job in the other
regions to make sure that scum bags like the one currently trying to
suffocate AfriNIC fail miserably.


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