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>         ICP-2: Criteria for Establishment of New Regional
>         Internet Registries
>         2) The new RIR must demonstrate that it has the broad
>         support of the LIRs (ISP community) in the proposed region
> if overwhelming majority, which means there is no competition,
> of LIRs in AfriNIC region request to abandon AfriNIC and to
> have an alternate RIR, ICANN should honor the request.
> > For another, they are extremely allergic to
> > anything that might even possibly involve them in a lawsuit.
> ICANN was established to protect governance structure (including
> RIRs, of course) of the Internet free from government (especially
> USG) interventions. As such, ICANN is expected to work to isolate
> African RIR operations from existing lawsuit.
%s/isolate/move/g functions. That equates to a leadership change. It may be
too soon to suggest that ICANN has any role other than risk analysis and
coordination of mitigation. I'm not even certain if that's their role
seeing how complicated the relationships between the RIR's and ICANN is.
I've seen good summaries including John Currans and Milton Muellers. I've
been leaning towards Milton's view. He didn't pardon Afrinic, but he also
didn't suggest it's time to fold up shop there.

A fight over crumbs: The Afrinic Crisis

<queue JC who knows more about what ICANN can do than I>

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