What is your preferred outage tracking service? (Hurricane Ida)

Jeroen Massar jeroen at massar.ch
Sun Aug 29 21:47:06 UTC 2021

On 2021-08-29 23:29, Sean Donelan wrote:
> Netblocks is reporting connectivity in New Orleans LA is at 72% of 
> normal as Hurricane Ida makes landfall.
> https://twitter.com/netblocks/status/1432038858460442625
> There are per-incident things, like the outages mailing list and 
> downdetector.com.  And some academic outage discovery projects such as 
> RIPE, IODA, etc.
> The old outage dashboards seem to have been bought, merged and disappeared.
> What is your preferred long-term Internet outage tracking source?

Depends on the type of outage, as that depends on what part of the 
Internet is critical for you. (eg. if google goes down, personally, I 
really cannot care, except for friendly SREs getting no rest; but lots 
of people will mind ;) )

For webpages or ISP there is as you noticed, depending on country from 

which gives a decent good overview, especially as it seems they seem to 
check what people are searching for and guess that when people search 
for it that things should be down.

As this is a Q on NANOG though, if you are looking at ISPs, participants 
of NLNOG Ring (https://ring.nlnog.net) have access to RING SQA 
(https://ring.nlnog.net/toolbox/ring-sqa/) that will inform one of 
outages as seen from a RING node along with traceroutes to the targets 
that are unreachable for your node.

Thus join NLNOG Ring and get free monitoring :)

The last one that is useful is of course RIPE Atlas, and with software 
probes and anchors it is very easy to join, and the measurements one can 
do with that are very customizable. As usual: depends on what you care 
about on the Internet...


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