An update on the AfriNIC situation

Jay Hennigan jay at
Sun Aug 29 19:48:01 UTC 2021

On 8/29/21 11:42, Constantine A. Murenin wrote:

> It would seem reasonable to leave the whole issue up to the courts,
> instead of engaging in contempt of foreign courts, and to stop the
> vigilante justice against any of the parties, especially the end users
> who are not even a party to this whole dispute.

The end users are an indirect party.

Assume someone were in the business of stealing cars, forging their 
titles, and selling them to innocent third parties. A police officer 
pulling someone over for speeding might compare the VIN on the title to 
that on the car and discover that it was stolen. The stolen property 
would be returned to its owner and the end user purchaser would be out 
of luck other than having recourse against the thief.

The same principle applies to someone who innocently accepts counterfeit 

If the Internet community as a whole or significant players therein were 
to treat these number resources as stolen property fraudulently obtained 
under false pretenses and stop routing those netblocks, the end users 
would indeed suffer just like the person who unwittingly bought a stolen 
car or accepted a counterfeit bill. The end user would pursue recourse 
against the party who rented or sold the fraudulently obtained netblocks 
and the business model of obtaining number resources under false 
pretenses solely to rent or resell at a profit would collapse.

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