An update on the AfriNIC situation

Mark Tinka mark at
Sun Aug 29 12:57:01 UTC 2021

On 8/28/21 20:10, Jay Hennigan wrote:

> All it would take is for one 800-pound gorilla to do so. Cloud 
> Innovations would implode should Google, Microsoft, or Amazon drop all 
> traffic from those blocks.


CI are pushing their case relying on the rest of the Internet community 
to keep doing "the right thing" by routing/forwarding the IPv4 address 
space in question.

If the Internet community decided that what CI was doing was not in 
keeping with appropriate netizenship, and stopped routing/forwarding 
said IPv4 address space, that would be the end. But too many parties on 
too many sides of the table have some kind of interest in keeping that 
address space routed/forwarded. So while this would quickly create 
useful leverage against CI's actions, I can't see the community coming 
to such consensus quickly.

For me, the irony with what CI are doing is that while they are breaking 
the value of community by running AFRINIC through hell, they still 
expect the very same community to afford them communal decency by still 
routing/forwarding the address space.

It's as if planet Earth is an option, and whoever doesn't like it can 
move to Mars or some such :-\...


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