An update on the AfriNIC situation

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> +1 on the "pro" side to keep this topic in focus (even on the NANOG list).
> The community can not accept a situation where someone successfully stale
> a RIR in order to max profit

Considering Cloud Innovation contributes peanuts, literally a few thousand
dollars as a resource member who figured, it's worthwhile operating a
mini-RIR without operating any reasonably Internet Infrastructure anywhere.

> (probably on the expense of the other [local] LIRs).

This is actually to the expense of the majority 1800 local LIR's across
AFRICA who since the creation of AFRINIC have contributed to the currently
frozen coffers through annual membership, and majority of who rightfully
operate in Africa and have rightfully continued to support the advancement
of the Internet in Africa for the benefit of the continent in the past 20
years that today, the impact of the Internet and communication has brought
about fundamental change from a socio-economic perspective.

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