An update on the AfriNIC situation

Bryan Fields Bryan at
Fri Aug 27 20:58:07 UTC 2021

On 8/27/21 4:30 PM, John Curran wrote:>
> ARIN does not normally comment on disputes or related litigation occurring
> at another RIR, but this matter has become quite different, as it is both
> highly public and has potential for significant impact to the overall
> stability of the Internet number registry system and thus to ARIN and its
> community.

Perhaps what's needed is for parties to be able to move their allocations to a
different RIR if they don't like the service their incumbent RIR is providing.

>> I’d expect that for a court to freeze assets of AFRINIC there must be a
>> very strong argument.
> Indeterminate at this time, since a “Freezing Order" issued via ex party
> hearing doesn’t actually test the strength of the arguments, as the
> affected party is not present to respond.  It is only when the case for the
> validation of the order is heard that the strength of the arguments could
> possibly be assessed.  Note - the full list of cases filed are here
> < <>> for
> reference.

That's interesting, but that normally one would expect the bar for such and
ex-parte order to be high.

I'm not familiar with the Mauritius legal system; I do know it's some
combination of common law and french law, but it's generally stable/impartial
for business law.  What we really need is a groklaw-type that could take this

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