Reminder: Never connect a generator to home wiring without transfer switch

Mark Tinka mark at
Thu Aug 26 04:45:58 UTC 2021

On 8/25/21 19:25, Mel Beckman wrote:

> Jay,
> No, because transformers work in both directions :)
> Plus, to the previous commenter that talked about “suicide cords”: 
> they’’re more correctly termed “homicide  cords”:
> “ The lineman killed yesterday was working for Pike Electric and 
> picked up a line that was connected to someones house that hooked up a 
> generator and did not disconnect from the distribution system. The 
> linemans name was Ronnie Adams, age unknown. He had two children and a 
> wife. As far as I know he was from Louisiana. They are trying to set 
> up a fund for his family, but nothing I have heard of yet. I will let 
> yall know more as I hear of it. I wish they would really teach folks 
> the proper connection of generators, this was a really tragic and 
> preventable accident. Stay Safe and think about it before you do it.”
> <>

Oh dear. This is sad.

There are some people that say UL 1741 is draconian because, in general, 
linesmen ALWAYS check wires before they start working on them. Even if 
they did before and there was no voltage, it could easily happen after 
the fact :-(...


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