netflow in the core used for surveillance

Hank Nussbacher hank at
Thu Aug 26 04:39:59 UTC 2021

On 26/08/2021 00:13, Randy Bush wrote:
> used to get dissidents, activists, and journos killed
> at&t, comcast, ... zayo, please tell us you do not do this.
> randy

I'm confused.  Quoting from the article:
"In a recent research report on an Israeli spyware vendor called 
Candiru, Citizen Lab thanked Team Cymru.

Thanks to Team Cymru for providing access to their Pure Signal Recon 
product. Their tool’s ability to show Internet traffic telemetry from 
the past three months provided the breakthrough we needed to identify 
the initial victim from Candiru’s infrastructure," the report reads. 
Citizen Lab did not respond to multiple requests for comment."

So Team Cymru helped expose themselves as to getting dissidents, 
activists and journalists killed?

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