Meet our Scholarship Recipients (VIDEO) + Poll Results + Digital Blast from the Past

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Thu Aug 19 17:26:02 UTC 2021

Meet our 2021-22 Scholarship Recipients
*We love supporting our builders of the Internet of tomorrow. *
Meet Esu, Charly, Wendy, and Juan. Four incoming undergrad freshman
engineering students from all over the United States, that NANOG was able
to help support their career dreams.

Learn more about how they will invest the funds toward their future.


Our Next Webinar: Your Voice HeardThe polls are in. We asked you what you
wanted to learn about for our next NANOG webinar and this is what you voted
for. *Follow us *on LinkedIn
vote on more of NANOG's programming.


*NANOG's Blast from the Digital Past*
*One of the Internet's Earliest "Memes"*

Dancing hamsters anyone? Throwback to the late nineties, *when this dated
meme would have been the latest in digital entertainment *to roll out of
your email.* In fact, you may have been pranked with these critters.
*A trending
office joke at the time was to set *Hamster Dance*as your colleague's
browser homepage.

*According to KnowYourMeme
<>, *Hampster Dance is "one of
the earliest single-serving sites." Set to the annoyingly good, and
instantly stuck-in-your-head, sped-up melodies of *Whistle Stop* by Roger
Miller, the meme features rows of dancing hamster GIFs.

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