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Ben Maddison benm at workonline.africa
Thu Aug 19 10:58:49 UTC 2021

Hi Randy,

On 08/17, Randy Bush wrote:
> for junos, i build the prefix list externally and push config.  sad to
> say, the code is so old ('90s) that it's pearl and uses `peval`.  i
> should fix but (copious spare time) == 0.
Spare time must be > 0 if you're willing to wait for peval to finish ;-)

> originally i tried to also build and push for cisco ios classic, but it
> died in the push.  breathe on the router and it reset bgp sessions.  i
> gather from heas that things are better these years.
Better, but not good (or even tolerable). There is a reason I didn't
provide an example of doing this kind of thing on IOS classic/XE.

> i guess i really should have a go at doing it for arcos, but ...
The thing that EOS and JUNOS have in common that allows this to work is
a mechanism to store config state outside the main "running config".

In JUNOS that's the ephemeral DBs, in EOS they call it "URL based
import" for as-path and prefix lists.

If ArcOS doesn't already have something similar, I'd get it on the list.


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